10% off everything and Free Delivery on UK Mainland orders over £250* with code    LASTDAYS20    until 11th August included!

10% off everything and Free Delivery on UK Mainland orders over £250* with code    LASTDAYS20    until 11th August included!

Our carved stone sculptures are all unique and come from Indonesia. Each item is individually photographed - the statue you choose will be the one you receive.



  • The stone used (andesite) is a volcanic rock. Some sculptures may have differences such as incrusted crystals. These differences create a different colour and texture (often grey or mosaic-like), giving the natural stone its charm. Our statues are guaranteed to be frost-resistant and will not crumble.
  • Most of our pieces are packaged inside a wood structure. These frames prevent items being damaged in transit. We recommend that you open your order carefully.
  • Our Japanese lanterns are made of volcanic rock - the very type that was used to build the oldest temple in Java. This stone is naturally black but each element is carved out of a block, meaning slight differences may be seen in the intensity of the grey- black colour.
  • We recommend that you ensure "standing" statues and Japanese lanterns are positioned so they remain stable. Place them near a wall or vegetation and feel free to fix down lantern elements and statue bases as necessary.



Buddha statues have a bun or protrusion covered with hair at the top of the head to symbolise wisdom. The arms are long enough to reach the knees without the figure having to bend. The right shoulder is uncovered in the style of monks and Greco-Roman philosophers. The ear lobes descend to the shoulders, deformed by the heavy earrings worn by Prince Siddhartha - the founder of the community behind Buddhism in the 6th century BC.



Buddha hand positions

It is a well-known fact that the Buddha places his hands in certain positions for spiritual reasons, whether he is standing, sitting or lying down. These different positions are called "Mudras" and correspond to his different teachings.


Seated or standing, his hands are in front of his chest palms together with the fingertips pointing upwards. Buddha in a greeting or prayer pose.

Seated, his hands on his lap with the palms turned upwards. Buddha in a meditative pose.

Seated, one palm turned towards him, the right hand extended with the palm facing downwards. Buddha calling on the Earth as a witness of truth.

Seated or standing, thumb and index finger forming a wheel (chakra), the other fingers pointing upwards. Buddha setting the Wheel of Dharma in motion.

Symbol of reasoning:

Right hand raised to the chest, half closed, palm forwards, index finger curved towards the thumb.

Seated, both hands holding an alms bowl.

Buddha receiving offerings.


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