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Choosing an adapted tap: the key criteria


You have a renovation project or are in full development of your bathroom?

To be sure to create a harmonious whole, you need to define what type of tap you need to install.

Indeed, it can be wall, to install according to the type of basin and the place which you have.

The height is also a key element in your choice since there is a distance to respect between the spout of the tap and the basin.

For the technical part, the diameter and the type of drilling will have to be paid special attention to determine what you need.


1. The type of tap 

- The wall tap



Why choose it?


  • Space saving and easy cleaning are undeniable assets.

  • Its design is original and modern.

  • On the other hand the cost of the installation is a little higher than for a tap to be placed


   - The tap to be placed





Why choose it?


  • It is suitable for all washbasins with or without tap’s deck.
  • A wide range of choices and prices is available in all major DIY stores and specialized stores.
  • The installation is more economical and easier than for a faucet built into the wall.



Mixer tap or mixing valve?


The mixing valve consists of two handles and a spout. One delivers hot water and the other cold water. Both taps must be opened at the same time to reach the desired temperature because the water mixes by flow management.

The mixer tap has only one knob that adjusts the temperature from right to left and to adjust the flow from bottom to top.


2. The height


The total height of your tap will be determined by the height of your basin.

But the real thing to consider is the height between the spout of the tap and the bottom of the basin.

The ideal height is between 15 and 20 cm to avoid splashing water and to have a comfortable enough place to wash your hands.



3. The type of drilling


There are two types of drilling depending on the use of your sink.
For installation in a bathroom, the diameter of the hole must allow the passage of two pipes: one for cold water and one for hot water. It will be necessary to drill a hole of 35 mm (depending on the diameter of the valve).
Regarding the installation of a hand washing in toilets where only a cold-water supply is necessary, the diameter of the hole must be 28 mm (depending on the diameter of the tap).



The 3 key points to remember:


• Choose your best type of tap to create a harmonious combination with your basin according to the style you want to give to your bathroom


• Respect a height of 15 to 20 cm between the spout of the tap and the bottom of the basin


• Drill a hole of 35 mm for the passage of the arrivals of waters.

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