Eco friendly

When we make beautiful teak bathroom furniture and garden decoration, we pay particular attention to the working conditions of men and women and also to the sustainable management of forests. With each new product creation, the Wanda collection team makes a point of honor to collaborate equitably with its craftsmen.


We choose ourselves the craftsmen with whom we work to ensure their working conditions and the quality of the products. We make sure that the wood used in furniture manufacturing is legal and does not contribute to deforestation.

Certified wood

We use plantations teak managed by the Indonesian organism Perhum Perhutani. All our furniture is certified FLEGT, a recognized label for the control of the exploitation of forests and the legality of the woods, allowing to import the teak in the European Union and in the whole world. With this certificate our woods are traced and certified.

Wanda collection is a human-sized structure that makes every effort to guarantee an ethical purchase We work without any middleman, we control the entire production line, from the forest to the house. This allows us to offer you fair prices for quality products.
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