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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How to look after your furniture?

You have two different options: beeswax or varnish.

Whichever you choose, use a colourless and matt-drying product to preserve the natural colour and appearance of the wood (and do not use oils on exotic woods). Instructions are sent out with each piece of furniture. You can find more information on our quality and care page.

How should I make a hole in a sink unit when installing the water intake and outlet?

You only need to pierce the unit shelf for the water intake and outlet. This way you can choose exactly where you want to locate your sink.

Does my furniture come assembled or will I need to put it together?

All our furniture is delivered assembled and ready to use. The only thing you need to do is pierce the sink unit shelf for the water intake and outlet.

Do you make bespoke furniture?

We can make a piece of furniture just for you. To be able to give you a precise quote, we will discuss your ideas and specific needs in detail. You will be sent a 3D design of your item for your approval. You can use this to see how it will work in the space before it is made. You can find more information on our bespoke items page.

How to look after your sink?

Before first use, protect your stone with a water-repellent treatment.

To avoid any nasty surprises we suggest you do not use any anti-limescale products. Abrasive sponges are also to be avoided. Do not use lemon, vinegar or any other detergent on marble as this will adversely affect the surface.

To clean a marble sink, simply use a non-abrasive sponge and soft soap.

How to choose a plug?

Our countertop stone sinks have standard size holes (that meet European standards) so you will have no problem getting your plug at a specialist plumbing store or major retailer. Choose a model 40 mm in diameter and without an overflow.

How to choose a tap?

The tap’s spout must be 10 cm above the sink to make handwashing comfortable. It must also be at least 12 cm long so the water comes out roughly in the centre of your sink.

If I order two sinks will they be different?

If you purchase two sinks and intend to place them next to each other, we will take care to choose two basins that are similar in shape and colour to create a sense of harmony.

Do you accept specific customer requests?

Yes, you just need to add your request to the comment field when you order.

Can I contact you for advice or assistance?

Yes, our team is available between 8am and 4pm.

Can I come and see a product at your showroom?

Yes, but you do need to make an appointment so we can give you a suitable welcome.

Can delivery be postponed?

Want to reserve your item but your home isn’t yet ready to receive it or you are going away on holiday? No problem - simply note down your availability in the delivery comments section or contact us to arrange delivery at your convenience. We will adjust the delivery schedule to suit and keep your item in storage with us until it is shipped to you. This way, you can avoid any inconvenience and prevent your item being damaged before it is installed.

How are products packaged?

Your order is packaged in a bespoke cardboard box with tissue paper, polystyrene and wood reinforcements for fragile products (stone, mirrors, etc.)and bespoke pallets are used for delivery via a carrier.

How are items delivered?

By carrier. See the delivery page for more information.

How can I track my delivery?

You will receive an email from Wanda Collection when your order leaves us and a second email from the carrier. See the delivery page for more information.

Who will contact me to arrange a delivery slot?

The carrier will phone you or send you a text.

How to reject a product damaged in transit?

We have insurance to cover all our shipments for damage caused in transit. You must check your order before the carrier leaves. If you notice a problem, reject the goods and write “damaged” on the delivery note. Contact us immediately (Customer Services available 8am to 4pm) and we will re-ship your order as soon as possible.

How to return or exchange a product?

See the withdrawal page and terms and conditions for returns.

Where will my delivery be left?

Deliveries are to your front door (for houses with a ground floor entrance) or the ground floor entrance of your apartment building. Pallets will not be carried upstairs.

What adhesive should I use?

You need to use polyurethane glue.

Light up your lantern and beautify your garden!

First and foremost as decorative objects, the Japanese lava stone lanterns from our collection can also be used to light up your outdoors and diffuse a warm and soft light on your summer evenings.

But here's how to do it since no lighting system is provided?

Many of you ask us the question, we explain to you how to proceed simply, without having to call an electrician.

Two solutions are possible:

1. Power supply by an electric cable

Each lantern is pierced at the level of the foot to allow the passage of an electric cable.

It will be sufficient to pass a rigid cable through the hole and bend the end so that the bulb hangs and thus prevent the accumulation of water in the socket.

2. The installation of a LED spotlight

You will not be able to install any LED spot in your lantern, there are certain criteria to respect. You must choose a spot of reduced size, waterproof, for outdoor use respecting the standard IP

Are my statues and lanterns frost-proof?

Yes, perfectly - thanks to the density and quality of the stone used.

Is my water feature frost-proof?

Your water feature will cope with frost. However, it is recommended that you turn off the pump and empty out the tubes in low temperatures.

Do I need to glue the lantern parts together on assembly?

Depending on the size of the lamp and its location, we recommend that you glue the elements together with a special two-component adhesive for use on stone.

Which statue will I receive?

Every statue is unique. When our sculptors finish a collection, each piece is photographed, measured and details taken. If you pick out a particular statue, this is the one you will receive. See our Buddha statues page.

Is payment secure?

Yes, we use 3D Secure and a code is sent to your registered mobile via text.

Can I use another payment method?

Yes, you can pay via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card.

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