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The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to inform customers of the terms and conditions under which the seller will complete the sale and delivery of items ordered, as well as set out the rights and obligations regarding the sale of items by the seller to the customer. They shall apply, unreservedly and without restriction, to the sale by Wanda collection of items available on its website, www.wanda-collection.co.uk.

Confirming an order constitutes full and irrevocable acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, which the buyer acknowledges to have read and understood prior to his/her order. Sales are completed by mail order only. Wanda collection SARL reserves the right to amend its General Terms and Conditions at any time. All orders are subject to these General Terms and Conditions, to the exclusion of all other conditions of purchase.



www.wanda-collection.co.uk provides a commercial service to its users. This service is available in EU .

Sales are completed by mail order only. Parcels will be shipped by standard post and/or by private carrier.

All goods that we sell are compliant with all applicable English laws and standards. If you live outside United Kingdom please note that you are the importer (or intra-community purchaser) of the item(s) in question.

You are responsible for any and all applicable customs fees, local levies, import taxes or State taxes.

You should confirm your options for importing or using goods and services of which you intend to take delivery with the relevant authorities in your country.

Specifically for deliveries outside united Kingdom, you are liable towards the relevant local authorities for payment of all taxes, fees or levies for private copying or more generally under intellectual property rights.
We accept no liability in the event of non-compliance with the law of the country into which you import goods.



You confirm that you are aged 18 or older and have the legal capacity or parental permission to place an order on the website.

These General Terms and Conditions are available on the website, www.wanda-collection.co.uk.

When confirming an order, clicking on "I have read, understood and agree to the General Terms and Conditions" constitutes an irrevocable commitment and automatic acceptance by the customer, unreservedly and without restriction, of these General Terms and Conditions. Through this action, the customer acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agrees to the General Terms and Conditions.

Clicking "Confirm" shall constitute final consent to enter into a contract with WANDA COLLECTION for your chosen item(s), without prejudice to your right of withdrawal under Article 9 of these General Terms and Conditions.

Clicking "Confirm" constitutes an electronic signature. The parties expressly agree that this electronic signature has the same value between the parties as a handwritten signature.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email from WANDA COLLECTION confirming receipt and including details of your order (hereinafter "confirmation email"). The confirmation email shall constitute acceptance by WANDA COLLECTION of your order and form the contract of sale between you and WANDA COLLECTION. It shall contain all constituent contractual information between you and WANDA COLLECTION (e.g. items ordered, price, delivery times, shipping costs, etc.)

WANDA COLLECTION reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to, issues with the supply or availability of an item, or an issue with the order received.

This contract consists of the following documents, in descending order of legal value: (1) these General Terms and Conditions; (2) the confirmation email.

However, photographs of items for sale by WANDA COLLECTION on the website are not contractual. Only product descriptions are contractual, in particular for items that feature "simulation" photos. WANDA COLLECTION accepts no responsibility for any errors or alterations (e.g. treatment of photographs).

WANDA COLLECTION recommends that Buyers retain a paper or electronic copy of this information.



Prices for items sold on the WANDA COLLECTION website are indicated in Livre Sterling and include the applicable rate of English VAT. They do not include the cost of delivery, which is an additional charge and is specified in the order confirmation.

WANDA COLLECTION reserves the right to amend its prices at any time and to pass on increases and reductions in supplier prices. They are also subject to introductory, promotional and sales event pricing arrangements. Items are charged according to the price list applicable at the time orders are placed.

Items shall remain the property of WANDA COLLECTION until you have fulfilled all of your obligations towards WANDA COLLECTION, in particular until payment has been received in full.

For orders to countries other than mainland United Kingdom, you are the importer of the item(s) in question. Customs fees or other local taxes, import levies, or State taxes may be payable. Such fees and amounts are outside the scope of WANDA COLLECTION. You will be fully responsible for all related declarations, and liable for all payments, to relevant authorities and/or administrative bodies in your country. All orders are payable in Livre Sterling (£), regardless of where they are placed.

WANDA COLLECTION will generate an original copy of the invoice, which will be enclosed with the package for delivery. Neither the purchase order generated by the customer online, nor the order confirmation email sent by WANDA COLLECTION, constitute an invoice.

Discounts and free gifts.

One discount in the form of a promotional code, is granted per order.



WANDA COLLECTION undertakes to honour orders received subject to its available stock or the available stock of its suppliers.

Where one or more items are unavailable, WANDA COLLECTION shall notify the customer of this by email as soon as possible. The customer may agree to this time frame or decide to cancel his/her order (without penalty) in light of this new information.

The product description shall indicate "Product available in (x) days".

In the basket, the delivery date is indicated in the item description: "Date for dispatch: xx/xx/xxxx".

Availability is also subject to change over the course of a day, depending on the level of sales.

Where orders contain multiple items, the delivery time for the order shall be that for the item with the longest delivery time.



Orders shall be fulfilled within the time frames stated on the "delivery information" page on the website and on the Order Confirmation Email, subject to availability of the item in question and absent any specific agreement between the parties. The Parties are agreed that delivery times are indicative only and that WANDA COLLECTION cannot offer guarantees in this respect.

For orders of multiple items at the same time with different shipping times, the order shipping time will be that for the item with the longest time frame.

Items shall be sent to the delivery address that you provide when placing the order. As such, you are bound by the information that you provide when placing an order. WANDA COLLECTION accepts no responsibility for failure to complete deliveries due to errors in the wording of your contact details (e.g. first name, surname, house number and street name; postcode, telephone number, email address). In such cases, you shall be responsible for delivery costs, which shall be charged at their actual rate.

Delivery shall be deemed completed as of handover of the item(s) by the postal service or private carrier (the postal service and all private carriers shall be hereinafter referred to collectively as "the Carrier"). The delivery slip (and/or acknowledgement of receipt) provided by the Carrier, dated and signed by you upon delivery of the item(s), shall serve as proof of carriage and delivery. WANDA COLLECTION therefore recommends that you inspect the condition of the delivered item(s) upon delivery before signing the delivery slip and/or acknowledgement of receipt of the parcel from the Carrier.

Where the recipient is not present at the time of delivery, the Carrier shall leave a note of attempted delivery at the delivery address provided.
Items must be collected at the address and under the conditions specified by the Carrier.

Where items are not collected within the time frame given by the Carrier, the item(s) shall be returned to WANDA COLLECTION, who may refund the cost of items. You remain responsible for all shipping costs.

In the event of delays, damage, total or partial loss, or any other issue, you are responsible for all remedial action initiated with respect to the Carrier. WANDA COLLECTION accepts no responsibility in this respect.

If you note any faults, you must notify the Carrier in writing of any reservations, along with specific details and dated with acknowledgement of receipt within three (3) working days of receiving the item(s). A copy should be sent to WANDA COLLECTION.



Photographs, text, designs and technical descriptions may come from documents issued by manufacturers or producers, reproduced under their supervision and with their consent. We accept no responsibility for any minor differences between the contract product and the product delivered.

WANDA COLLECTION shall refund or exchange items that do not match the specifications as stated in the purchase order.

Where this is the case, WANDA COLLLECTION requests that you provide details of the non-compliance of item(s) delivered, in an email to info@wanda-collection.co.uk within 48 (forty-eight) hours of delivery.

This email address is protected against spambots. To view it, you must enable JavaScript.

All returns must be subject to a formal agreement between you and WANDA COLLECTION.

All returns accepted by WANDA COLLECTION in the event of a visible fault or non-compliance with the delivered items, which shall be recorded by WANDA COLLECTION, shall entitle you to a replacement item free of charge or a refund, to the exclusion of any other form of compensation.

Items must be returned to WANDA COLLECTION in full (i.e. including accessories, instructions), in their original packaging, in good condition and must be accompanied by a copy of the Order Confirmation (or invoice, where applicable). Items returned incomplete (i.e. missing parts or accessories) or damaged (e.g. dents, scratches), showing signs of use, or soiled in the case of washed, dirty or ironed fabrics, etc. shall not be accepted or eligible for exchange.

Upon receipt of the item(s) in their correct and proper form, WANDA COLLECTION shall, as per your choice, exchange (in return for the items initially ordered) or refund the item(s) in question.


If you are not completely satisfied with your item(s), WANDA COLLECTION allows you 14 clear days in which to return the item(s) in question. To return an item, please contact us for details on the procedure to follow. We will send you an online form that you must complete and return to: info@wanda-collection.co.uk.

This email address is protected against spambots. To view it, you must enable JavaScript.

We will issue the refund once we have received your parcel. We will refund the purchase price, excluding the cost of postage which you must cover, either by the same payment method used for the purchase, or by crediting your customer account with a voucher of equal value to the returned item, excluding the cost of postage. Vouchers must be used within six months. The returned item must be intact and fit for resale, in its original packaging (including protection), undamaged with all accessories, and must not have been washed, soiled, or used, with all related instructions and documents intact with no handwritten marks, with suitable protection in your return parcel.

We will refund or exchange any item, except for items personalised or specially made for the customer.

Where the returned item is incomplete or damaged, we reserve the right not to accept the item. You are responsible for the cost of returning items.



All items in a basket are payable at the time of order. Customers shall pay for the item ordered on the website at the price indicated (price of item(s) and carriage):



Payments by bank card must be made in full in livre sterling at the time of order. Payments by bank card are protected by 3-D Secure protocol.

Bank cards are debited at the time the order is confirmed. We use 3-D Secure to ensure the security of payments that you make. With this system, card payments are made directly to the secure server of our bank. Your bank card number will not be shared at any time. Communications are secure and encrypted using the 3-D Secure protocol.

Cards accepted : Visa, Mastercard.




On the "Payment" page when placing your order, select "bank transfer" as your payment method.

In the heading or message for the transfer, state the order reference.



To avoid any inconvenience, items are checked by WANDA COLLECTION before shipping. In any event, items sold are covered by the statutory guarantee against hidden defects "the seller is bound by a warranty against hidden defects in the item sold that render it unfit for its intended use, or that so impair its use that the buyer would not have bought it, or would only have given a lesser price for it had he/she known of the defects." To activate the warranty, please refer to Article 8 of these General Terms and Conditions.

The item will be exchanged for an identical item, which shall be sent to you at WANDA COLLECTION's expense, except in the event of stockout or discontinuation of the product line offered by WANDA COLLECTION. In the latter case, WANDA COLLECTION shall refund the purchase price of the item in question, in accordance with Article 10 of these General Terms and Conditions.



Your personal information (including that requested in order to place an order or when subscribing to the WANDA COLLECTION newsletter) are essential to process and complete orders, generate invoices and warranty agreements. However, WANDA COLLECTION undertakes not to share such information.

You have the right to view, modify and delete all personal data brought to the attention of WANDA COLLECTION by writing to the following address:

WANDA COLLECTION 137 Chemin de la Charrette, 73200 ALBERTVILLE, FRANCE.

The database consisting of personal information is listed with the CNIL, the French Data Protection Authority.



Computerised records stored on WANDA COLLECTION computer systems or those of its subcontractors under conditions of reasonable security shall be considered proof of communication, orders and payments between the Parties.

Purchase Orders and Order Confirmations (and invoices, where applicable) are stored on a reliable and durable medium that may be produced as evidence.

These documents shall be kept for 10 (ten) years where they concern an amount greater than or equal to £120 (one hundred and twenty pounds) and you may access these on request at info@wanda-collection.co.uk.

This email address is protected against spambots. To view it, you must enable JavaScript.



WANDA COLLECTION accepts no liability in the event of a failure to perform its obligations due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. The following instances are explicitly defined as force majeure, in addition to those adopted under legislation and case law: individual or general strike action, within and outside the transport sector, blockades of means of transport or supply on whatsoever grounds, legal or governmental restrictions, computer failure, telecommunication network blackouts, including telephone and internet services.

Occurrence of an aforementioned instance of force majeure shall result in the first instance in suspension as of right of the order. If, after a period of three (3) months, the Parties note that the case of force majeure continues to apply, the order shall be automatically cancelled, unless agreed otherwise by both parties.

Items available for sale comply with all applicable English laws and standards.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not contractual. For your reference, WANDA COLLECTION provides a description of each item, with detailed characteristics. Should you require additional information, please contact us at: info@wanda-collection.co.uk.



The Website, or any part thereof, must not be reproduced, downloaded, copied, sold or operated for commercial purposes without the express written consent of WANDA COLLECTION.

All text, comments, articles, illustrations and images reproduced on the Website are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights applicable worldwide. In accordance with the English Intellectual Property Code, the Website may be used for private purposes only, notwithstanding different or more restrictive provisions in the English Intellectual Property Code. All reproduction in part or in full of the Website, or constituent parts thereof, is strictly prohibited.



These General Terms and Conditions and the contractual relationship between WANDA COLLECTION and users of its Service are subject to English law, applicable to both substantive and procedural rules.

Where a resolution to a dispute cannot be found, the courts with jurisdiction in the location of the registered office of Wanda collection SARL shall be assigned express authority, notwithstanding proceedings requiring the introduction of third parties or involving multiple defendants, including for urgent or interim proceedings, or proceedings by application.


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